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Outlook® synchronization
Keep your Outlook® profiles synchronized between different PCs. Always have
your Outlook® at home and at work up to date. When you are traveling, the
convenient Portable Outlook functionality allows you to access all your
Outlook® data on the remote PC just like it would be your own PC.

Portable Microsoft Outlook®
Have all your e-mails and contacts with you and use them on computers that
have Microsoft Outlook® installed.

Portable Microsoft Outlook Express®
Have all your e-mails and contacts with you and use them on computers that
have Outlook Express® installed.

Favorites synchronization (Internet Explorer & Firefox)
Carry all your links and access them from any computer.

No Trace Browsing with Internet Explorer & Firefox
No need to let everyone know where you have been on the Internet.

Desktop, Folder to Folder and My Documents synchronization
A few clicks and take with you all the files you need.

Data Compression
Save space on your USB Drive.

USB Drive password protection
Protect your data with 128-bit encryption. Simple and safe.

USB Drive partitioning
Able to create public and private partition.

USB Drive Lost & Found™
Let the finder know who you are but don't let him see what's on your Flash

USB Drive information
All that you might want to know about your Flash Drive.

Multilingual user interface
Get Carry it Easy +Plus™ in 14 different languages (English, German, French,
Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Traditional Chinese,
Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Romanian).


Carry it Easy +Plus™ helps you to take all your personal data wherever you
want to go. Send and receive e-mails from any computer that has Windows.
Have your favorite links with you and access them from any computer, the
regular way or with No Trace Browsing. Work anywhere you want and carry all your files with you with just a few clicks.


Carry it Easy +Plus™ password-protects your data from unwanted access.
Still, if you lose your Flash Drive the finder can see your contact details but
can't see the password protected files. Carry it Easy +Plus™ also offers the
No Trace Browsing function so all the data related to Internet surfing
(Cookies, Cache, History) is stored on the Flash Drive and can be deleted

Easy to use

Everything is simple when using Carry it Easy +Plus™. The friendly and
appealing interface and functions couldn't be easier to use; from the intuitive
initial configuration process to the No Trace Browsing every step takes only a
few clicks.