Endpoint Security for Workstations, Laptops and Servers
Endpoint Protector 2008 is designed to protect PCs from threats posed by
removable portable storage and endpoint devices such as USB Flash Drives,
MP3 Players, iPods and digital cameras. These and other devices could be
accidentally or intentionally used to leak, steal, or lose data. Endpoint
Protector 2008 as a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is eliminating these risks.
Even the introduction of viruses or malware from infected removable storage
devices is prevented. Furthermore self-executing devices like a USB Flash
Drive with a CD-ROM autorun feature such as U3 Drives will not be controlled
and thereby pose no threats.

Centralized Device Management / Whitelist
The web based administrative interface gives the IT Administration a
complete overview of endpoint activity allowing to monitor and control all
activities centrally. The whitelist of specific authorized devices for certain
users or user groups and their respective policies allows staying productive
while maintaining control of what devices are used.

File Tracing / File Shadowing - Control your Data Flow
The File Tracing feature will track all data that was copied to and from prior
authorized portable storage devices. The File Shadowing feature saves a
copy of all, even deleted files that where used in connection with controlled
devices on a network storage server.
A thorough record of all information streams at the network's endpoints is
essential to support audits of data flow and controlling the impact of data

Network "Offline" Mode to Support Field Employees
Protected PCs that are temporary of frequently disconnected from the
network like laptops are staying protected based on the last locally saved
policy. All notifications about device or file transfer activity or are transmitted
to the Endpoint Protector Server at the next network connection.

Policy based Enforcement of Regulations
Simple device management policies with customizable templates help define
User Group permissions to allow for an efficient enforcement and
maintenance of your latest security policies across your network. This
enables your internal IT Guidelines to better comply with government
regulations, industry standards and IT governance in regard to data breach
prevention and management.

Reporting and Analysis Tools
Endpoint Protector 2008 offers a powerful reporting and analysis tools with
the ability to "drill-down" from the high-level reports to more detailed reports,
analysis and even "raw log data" to make the data audit processes easy and

The administrative Dashboard is a custom Web console that includes:
- Reporting needs of both management and security staff
- Get endpoint activity insight, for informed decision making and
better control
- Identify, monitor and correct suspect activity trends before they
become a threat
- High-level "at-a-glance" visual reports for management

TrustedDevice / Enforced Encryption - Protecting Sensitive Data in
The use of TrustedDevices gives the security that in a corporate
environment all the endpoint devices are not only authorized and controlled
via endpoint software and security policies but also certified and trusted to
protecting sensitive and confidential data in transit. This will assure that in
the event a device is stolen or lost all the data stored on it is encrypted and
therefore not accessible if it gets in the wrong hands.

Choice of Server Platform for fast Integration
Keep your implementation costs within your organization IT budget. Endpoint
Protector 2008 features a client-server architecture designed with security in
mind that can perfectly fit within your existing infrastructure and software
environment. The Endpoint Protector Server runs on Windows 2003 Server
and Linux. As web servers and databases Apache or IIS and Microsoft SQL
or MySQL are supported.



This technology is designed to certify that certain endpoint devices are trustworthy to protect sensitive and confidential data in transit. This will assure even if a device is lost or stolen that all data stored on it is encrypted.

Windows XP (SP2)
Windows Vista
.NET Framework 2.0

Supported Server OS:
Windows 2003 Server
Debian (or other Linux distrib.)

Supported Web Servers:
Microsoft IIS

Supported Databases:
SQL 2005 (Express)


Your data is only as safe as your endpoints are secure. Reduce the Risk of Data Leakage

Endpoint Protector 2008 complements signature-based security solutions and provides a policy based approach to enforcing
your rules of use for endpoint devices.

In a world where the use of portable and lifestyle devices is increasingly transforming the way we work and live, Endpoint
Protector 2008 is designed to maintain productivity and make work and life more convenient, secure and enjoyable.

The whitelist based approach allows the use of specific devices for certain users or user groups so they stay productive while maintaining control of what devices are used, and what data users are transferring to and from devices.

“Recent studies revealed that most security breaches do not originate from external hackers, viruses or worms, but from insiders/employees who commit more than 70% of unauthorized access to data and systems.”

Endpoint Protector 2008 dramatically reduces the risk posed by internal threats that could lead to your confidential data
being leaked, stolen, damaged or otherwise compromised.

Start enforcing your removable media and endpoint device policy today.

Feel free to contact us for your evaluation copy and addition information about Endpoint Protector 2008.

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